• Our products are manufactured from NZ or Australian steel.
  • Galvanising is the standard finish and is to AS/NZS 4680.
  • Welding is to NZS1554.1 SP grade.


Necklen Breakaway and Monopoles have a separate foundation weldment which concrete casts into the ground without need for extra reinforcing steel. These members have a matching base plate to connect the pole to. This base plate does not exceed 100 above ground level and is shaped to reduce injury to public. Our standard design foundations are for Good Ground. Refer to Engineers calculations for exact information.

Poles and components are hollow section either square or rectangular to resist twisting and provide highest strength to weight, and safety in storage and handling.

There are three versions of Necklen breakaway poles: 80, 100 and 170 series which are small to large. The 100 and 170 have a fuse joint or weakening below the sign to provide a failure point in a crash. The pole cannot be re-used if broken and must be replaced. Top caps are steel sheet lightly welded and plugged after galvanising with UV resistant plastic plugs.

Identification of all types of pole is by a welded consecutive serial number at the base and metal anodised makers plate affixed above this number. Full dimensional and quality records are kept for every pole and this number need only be quoted should a replacement be required.

The length of Necklen Breakaway poles stated on the calculator traditionally exclude the base plate and top cap thickness. The pole top is set flush with the top of the sign but the sign can overhang depending on sign channel position (typically aluminium horizontal channelling). Note as the base protrudes out of the ground 100mm the post is reduced in length by 100. For example if you have a 2000 high sign and 2100 above ground you will have a 4000 long pole.

Monopoles are a single pole design which utilise either a single deep or shallow base where services interfere and also do not require separate reinforcing steel. The types F and 0 are a one-piece pole which directly casts in and has a top sign support frame which connects with U bolts horizontally and vertically to achieve overhanging or central mounting over the pole and fine adjustment of height. The larger types 1 and 2 have the same system of adjustment but the top frame also has the ability to rotate under friction on the pole axis to allow for high vehicle impact then be restored to original position at a convenient time.

The type 3 Monopole over 10m2 sign support is an over path  (T3L) or over-road design (T3) which has 6000 clearance and also has special sign adjustability. Highly popular in arterial routes and highway junctions.

Monopoles have fixed bases therefore are not allowed in high speed exposed situations but are ideal in urban locations and behind barriers on any road.

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