Used in situations where a single pole mounting is required such as over footpaths and areas where multiple pole supports are not possible due to embankments and medians.

There are four types: the type 0 which is the smallest, the very popular type 1 which has a special swiveling head allowing sign yielding upon high vehicle impact, the type 2, again with swiveling head, and the largest type 3 holding up to 12m2 over road, depending on site.

All have sign panel final position adjustment both left and right and up and down. All are constructed for absolute public safety in mind and are solidly engineered.

type 0 monopole - Monopoles

Type 0

  • Smallest Monopole 100 square
  • 2700w max or 1200h max or 2.88m2 max
  • One piece pole and base standard as shown
  • Optional shallow base and bolted pole
  • Compact and simple to erect
  • U bolt adjustment

Price list

type 1 monopole - Monopoles

Type 1

  • Very popular in cities
  • Head swivels on impact
  • Separate shallow or deep base
  • 3.15m width or height capacity
  • Easy to erect
  • U bolt adjustment
type 2 monopole - Monopoles

Type 2

  • Highest capacity roadside
  • Head swivels on impact
  • Separate shallow or deep base
  • Easy to erect
  • U bolt and clamp adjustment
type 3 monopole - Monopoles

Type 3

  • For over-road use
  • 6m clearance with vertically adjustable purlins
  • Deep cast in stub or special base
  • Simple installation
  • Efficient modular design
  • PS1 for all of NZ locations.

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Price List 3.0

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